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Adorkable purple pony pattern! I think my favourite Twilight is the one where her wings disappear with a *pop!* The one of her drinking tea is a close second, though!

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horse girlfriends

rarity makes tons of cute accessories for fluttershy, who loves them but can never wear them because shes afraid she’ll get them dirty while tending to animals„,

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so cool! so cool! so cool!


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bruh this is a cute ship i never thought


g1 applejack is a cutie


Finally got something to display all of my ponies, apart from duplicates!

This is all of my pony toys (mostly G4, though two G1 girls are in there!) EXCEPT talky Celestia and a custom Rainbow Dash plush and custom alicorn Twilight Sparkle plush. :D

A few pokemon are on the very top shelf, though I have more pokemon figures than that.