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holy shit did i do this

god she’s so cute i love phii so much

equestria girls is so cute i hate myself


I was drawing something then -

Gorlfriend quest


Alright sargar3000, here’s FlutterShelf! Not pictured is the Rainbow Rocks doll and Rainbow Power large size Flutters because I’m not quite sure how to arrange them at the moment. ^.^*

Someday I ought to make a tour post of the collection room, would anyone be interested in that?


i sure do like pink-to-yellow colour palettes

what the heck is wrong with me


horse girlfriends

rarity makes tons of cute accessories for fluttershy, who loves them but can never wear them because shes afraid she’ll get them dirty while tending to animals„,


Adorkable purple pony pattern! I think my favourite Twilight is the one where her wings disappear with a *pop!* The one of her drinking tea is a close second, though!

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so cool! so cool! so cool!